Iceberg (other names : Schneewittchen, KORbin, Fee des Neiges)

Hybridizer: Kordes

Country: Germany

Introduced: 1958

Type: floribunda

Colour: white, pinkish tinge on flower buds

Height: 75-150cm

Fragrance: fragrant

Flower size, open: 5-6 cm

Disease resistance: in theory very disease resistant, but gets black spot in my garden

Suitable for containers: Probably not. It aspires to grow big, so probably not the best candidate for containers

Experience in my garden: I really love this one, it is a very pretty rose with long pointed buds and beautifully shaped flowers that literally shine in the garden. It is supposed to be more shade tolerant than most, but I am definitely moving mine to a sunnier spot – too much shade and we are asking for fungal disease.



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