Clair Rennaissance




Clair Rennaissance

Other names: Liliana (in the UK), POULsyng, Clair

Hybridizer: Poulsen Roser A/S

Country: Denmark

Introduced: 1999

Type: hybrid tea, shrub

Colour: peachy pastel pink/seashell pink

Height: 100-150 cm

Fragrance: Lovely old rose fragrance

Flower size, open: 8-10 cm

Disease resistance: Described by the breeder as “not healthy”. Prone to powdery mildew. Mine is doing absolutely fine (so far).

Suitable for containers: I have it in a large container for now (it is not extremely hardy and I would not like to lose it in winter). It could probably grow bigger in the ground.

In my garden: My daughter liked it so much that we could not leave the garden centre without it. It is the perfect rose: lovely fragrance, delicate colour and perfectly shaped large (but not huge) flowers. The only snag is that it tends to flower in flushes, so there are times with no blooms. But when it flowers, oh my…



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