New Dawn


New Dawn

Other names: everblooming Dr W. Van Fleet, The New Dawn

Hybridizer: discovered by Somerset Rose Nursery as a sport of Dr W. Van Fleet

Country: United States

Introduced: 1930

Patented 1931 (apparently first plant ever to get a US patent)

Type: climbing rose

Colour: pink buds, light pink flowers fading to white

Height: 3-6 m (not in my garden!)

Fragrance: fragrant

Flower size, open: large – ca 10 cm

Disease resistance: described as disease resistant, but it is not the healthiest thing on the planet (or in my garden)

Suitable for containers: can be grown in a container (container requires winter protection)

In 1997 chosen for the Rose Hall of Fame by the World Federation of Rose Societies:

In my garden: This rose has survived all sorts of trends and fashions in the rose business for nearly a hundred years and I am sure many people would choose New Dawn if allowed to grow just one rose in their garden. I have three. (I just could not stop myself, this rose is simply gorgeous!)

It is an exceptional beauty, in a slightly floppy-fluffy ballerina sort of way, soft pink flowers fading to white as they mature. Fragrant. It tolerates partial shade, which is great as not all spots in the garden are sunny.

Do not prune in the first years other than to deadhead, then prune only lightly – it is a climber and blooms on old wood.






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