Hybridizer: Kordes

Country: Germany

Introduced: 1969

Type: shrub, wants to be tall (150 cm)

Colour: apricot/copper orange/pink

Height: 150 cm

Fragrance: excels in that department: wonderful, spice – clove?

Flower size, open: large 10-12 cm

Blooming: in flushes throughout the season

Disease resistance: very disease resistant

Growing in containers: it wants to be big, so probably not the best choice. It also wants to grow tall so to get it bushy prune rather hard.

Heritage: Friedrich Wörlein (Floribunda, Kordes, 1963) x Circus (floribunda, Swim, 1955)

In my garden: I cannot get enough of Westerland, this rose has a certain sunny and uplifting quality to it. The flowers change colour as they mature – from orange to apricot to warm pink – but unlike on some other roses where warm tones clash with cold, on Westerland it all looks perfectly balanced and beautiful. The blooms are large an heavy, it is best to give them some support.






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