Bonica 82



Rose name: Bonica 82

Other names: Bonica Meidiland, Demon, MEIdomonac

Hybridizer: Meilland

Country: France

Introduced: 1981

Type: floribunda, shrub

Colour: soft pink

Height: 50-100 cm

Fragrance: ligthtly fragrant

Flower size, open: 3,5-4 cm

Disease resistance: good

Growing in containers: great for containers

Blooming: blooms in flushes throughout the season

Heritage: Picasso (pollen) x seedling (Rosa sempervivens x Mademoiselle Marthe Carron)

In my garden: it forms pretty hips if allowed to. Flowers last for a long time, I have not tried it as cut flower, but it is said to be good in a vase.

It is one of the roses that made it to the Rose Hall of Fame:


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