Eden rose


Rose name: Eden

Other names: Eden Rose 88, Pierre de Ronsard, Eden climber, MEIviolin

Hybridizer: Meilland (bred by Jaques Mouchotte)

Country: France

Introduced: 1985

Type: large-flowered climber

Colour: cream with dark pink edges

Height: 100 to 350 cm

Fragrance: moderate

Flower size, open: 7,5 cm

Disease resistance: very disease resistant

Growing in containers: probably not the best idea as it wants to be a large climber

Blooming: continuous bloom

Heritage: Dans des Sylphes x Pink Wonder (climber)

In my garden: It has heavy flowers and is best grown against a wall or with some sort of  support. Eden has the best foliage of all roses in the garden: dark green, glossy and very disease resistant. This rose  can be used for cut flower and flowers last a long time in a vase. Not much to talk about in the fragrance department, unfortunately.

Eden (aka Pierre de Ronsard) has made it to the Rose Hall of Fame: http://www.worldrose.org/awards/hof/hof.asp



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