Rose name: Robusta

Other names: KORgosa

Hybridizer: Kordes

Country: Germany

Introduced: 1979

Type: rugosa hybrid, shrub

Colour: scarlet

Height: 150 to 200 cm

Fragrance: mild fragrance

Flower size, open: up to 10 cm

Disease resistance: apparently susceptible to blackspot, but not a blemish so far on mine.

Growing in containers: I am trying it in a container now, but I think it would probably do better in the ground


Heritage: Seedling x Rugosa regeliana

In my garden: This is the first rugosa I have ever bought, somehow the simple flower form and the rugosa leaves do not have the same appeal as more modern varieties. But the colour of this rose was just irresistible (pictures somehow do not do it full justice!), so I made an exception to my “no rugosa” rule. Boy I am glad I did! It is now late September and it is healthy and still blooming beautifully.


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