Ingrid Bergman

ingrid-bergman-1Rose name: Ingrid Bergman

Other names: Poulman

Hybridizer: Poulsen

Country: Denmark

Introduced: 1986

Type: hybrid tea, shrub

Colour: dark red

Height: 60-150 cm

Fragrance: mild to none

Flower size, open: 10-15 cm

Disease resistance: healthy

Growing in containers: it can be grown in a container

Blooming: blooming in flushes throughout the season

Heritage: Precious Platinum x Else Poulsen (pollen)

In my garden: It is a relatively hardy and disease resistant Hybrid Tea, wonderful in the garden for growing in containers or in the ground for cut flowers. It has beautiful, healthy leaves and large, elegant flowers of exquisite red. Lightly fragrant. Currently my favourite as Hybrid Teas go.

Named after: a popular Hollywood film actress of Swedish origin



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