Brothers Grimm


Rose name: Brothers Grimm

Other names: Gebrüder Grimm, Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale, Eternal Flame, Joli Tambour, Gremlin, KORassenet

Hybridizer: Kordes

Country: Germany

Introduced: 2002

Type: floribunda, shrub

Colour: orange red with yellow reverse, flowers fading to pink as they age

Height: up to 80 cm

Fragrance: mild

Flower size, open: large, 7 cm

Disease resistance: very disease resistant

Growing in containers: excellent rose for containers

Blooming: in flushes throughout the season

Heritage: seed Bernsteinrose, Tantau x pollen: seedling x Korimro syn Immensee, shrub rose from Kordes, 1982

In my garden: It has rather large flowers for a relatively small plant. Drooping growing habit, but that is just nice in containers. I do not particularly appreciate orange and pink blooms on the same plant at the same time, so I deadhead it early. Impressive disease resistance. It is a very eager rose and blooms late into the season.

Named after: German brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm who collected and popularized German folklore tales. We owe them fairy tale stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Snow White.


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