Ghita Renaissance


Rose name: Ghita Renaissance

Other names: Mum in a Million, Millie, POUlren0013

Hybridizer: Poulsen

Country: Denmark

Introduced: 2004

Type: Hybrid Tea shrub

Colour: medium pink with a hint of lilac

Height: 100-150 cm

Fragrance: strong fragrance

Flower size, open: 8-10 cm

Disease resistance: good according to Poulsen

Growing in containers: according to Poulsen Renaissance collection roses are suitable for containers

Blooming: in flushes throughout the season

Heritage: Clair Renaissance x seedling

In my garden: This rose has an incredible old rose fragrance and unusual lilac hue to its pink blossoms – it smells just like old roses in my grandmother’s garden used to smell and I love it! It succumbed to some unusual blight after its first flush of flowers this year and lost nearly all of its leaves – but recovered and is flowering again in October!


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