Moin Moin


moin-moin-rose-3Rose name: Moin Moin

Other names: Pink Flower Circus, Pink Martini, Pink Veranda, KORfloci23, KORfloci 231

Hybridizer: Kordes (bred by Thomas Proll)

Country: Germany

Introduced: 2007

Type: Floribunda, patio rose

Colour: pink

Height: 70-80 cm

Fragrance: little to no fragrance

Flower size, open: 5 cm

Disease resistance: very good

Growing in containers: compact plant, excellent for containers/patio

Blooming: blooms in flushes throughout the season, still in bloom in October

In my garden: This is an adorable little rose bush with rounded flowers, slightly lacking in the fragrance department but otherwise a “practically perfect” rose. More roses in this series (different colours) are on my wish list for the terrace containers next year!

Origins of the name: The name is apparently a northern German dialect for “Morgen” (morning) greeting




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