Romanze rose bud (2).JPGRose name: Romanze

Other names: TANezamor

Hybridizer: bred by Evers/ introduced to the market by Rosen Tantau

Country: Germany

Introduced: 1984

Type: shrub

Colour: bright fuchsia pink

Height: 120-150 cm

Fragrance: good fragrance (rose with a hint of raspberry?)

Flower size, open: 8-10 cm

Disease resistance: according to Tantau not very resistant to powdery mildew and black spot, but mine is doing great (even when other roses got sick and spotty 🙂

Growing in containers: compact growth, very suitable for containers

Blooming: blooms in flushes throughout the season

Heritage: unknown

In my garden: It is a very bold rose, both in colour (crazy pink) and flower size (huge). If you prefer things more timid and discrete, choose a different rose. Romanze is eye-popping pink candy that will certainly steal visitors  attention from other roses. It is also good for cut flowers (wonderful fragrance).



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