Rose name: Mandarin

Other names: KORcelin

Hybridizer: Kordes

Country: Germany

Introduced: 1987

Type: Miniature, Patio rose, Polyantha

Colour: apricot blend (salmon pink/ orange, with yellow center)

Height: 30-45 cm

Fragrance: none

Flower size, open: small 2,5-3,5 cm

Disease resistance: suffers from black spot

Growing in containers: perfect for containers

Blooming: in flushes throughout the season


In my garden: It is a charming, compact rose with small apricot/pink flowers – but if you tend to get a lot of black spot on your roses, then look for newer rose varieties from Kordes that have excellent disease resistance. Mandarin has tiny, soft leaves and when it gets black spot the leaves just fall to the ground leaving the plant looking rather sad.

I can see that Kordes have introduced a new  Mandarin in 2016 ( it is a totally different rose, also a miniature). Well, that the new one is supposed to have highest disease resistance and is probably a better bet than my old “Mandarin”.


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