Augusta Luise


Rose name: Augusta Luise

Other names: Fox-Trot, Hayley Westenra, Rachel, TANgust

Hybridizer: Tantau

Country: Germany

Introduced: 1999

Type: Hybrid Tea

Colour: peach/pink/light yellow aging to salmon pink

Height: 70-120 cm

Fragrance: strong fruity fragrance

Flower size, open: XXL size :-), 12 cm or more

Disease resistance: good resistance to black spot and powdery mildew according to Tantau, but it is a Hybrid Tea – so you should not be surprised if you get problems. Mine gets some black spot, but it is more of a cosmetic concern as it does not seem to bother Augusta Luise too much (the leaves stay on the plant and it continues to flower happily into October).

Growing in containers: good for containers

Blooming: in flushes throughout the season


In my garden: What it misses in bud shape (not the prettiest), it makes up for in the fragrance department (very nice fruity scent!).


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