Crown Princess Margareta


Rose name: Crown Princess Margareta

Other names: AUSwinter

Hybridizer: David Austin

Country: United Kingdom

Introduced: 1999

Type: shrub, English Leander Hybrid

Colour: apricot/apricot blend/yellow

Height: 150 cm

Fragrance: strong Tea rose fragrance

Flower size, open: large, up to 10 cm

Disease resistance: good, according to David Austin

Growing in containers:

Blooming: blooms in flushes throughout the season

Heritage: seedling x Abraham Darby

In my garden: I got it late in the season and it did not perform massively, but I hope it will be happier and more productive rose next year J. Good for shade.

Named after: Crown Princess Margareta, granddaughter of Queen Victoria and an accomplished gardener. She married the future king of Sweden and lived in Sweden. (If she could have roses in her Nordic garden, then so can I ;-).



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