Sangerhahusen Jubileum


Rose name: Sangerhäuser Jubiläumsrose

Other names: Afternoon Delight, Cervia, Floral Fairy Tale, KORmamtiza, Sangerhäusen Jubilee, The Wren

Hybridizer: Kordes

Country: Germany

Introduced:  introduced in Germany in 2003

Type: Floribunda

Colour: apricot fading to pink

Height: 70 cm

Fragrance: it has some fragrance, but sadly, not much to talk about in that department

Flower size, open: large, ca 7 cm

Disease resistance: very disease resistant, blackspot resistant

Growing in containers: excellent in containers

Blooming: repeat blooming in flushes

In my garden: This is an excellent addition to my garden ( this rose was planted earlier this year). It seems to be happy growing in a container, has nice foliage and abundance of nicely cupped flowers ( old-fashioned flower form).

Origins of the name: This rose was dedicated to Rosarium Sangerhäusen for its centenary


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